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Visas types in America

Very often in news and forums you ask how to get to America, what you need to do. You must remember that they are not the same times as they were 20 years ago, that you could have been invited to stay in the US. As you know not only America but also Europe is being overrun by immigrants, immigration procedures have changed and require more formalities and effort. Some of you want to come for a short time to meet the culture, see life, experience adventure, others stay here for a longer period of time. America has a lot of differrent kind of visas (click here and click here). Below I explore both options with a few common examples:

How to fly to America

  • One way is the Au pair program (click here). This program will allow you to be in the US for up to 1 year 6 months The condition you have to meet is age up to 26. If you are over 26 then the application will be rejected. This is a good option for anyone who wants to learn about America, learn the language, and have cool experiences. From what you also know only once you can be an Au pair in the US, then return to your country.
  • Tourist Visa. In most countries, visas are received online with a simple application. Unfortunately, in Poland you must apply for a tourist visa and this application is not always welcome with positive consideration. Sometimes the application is rejected for reasons independent of us, you are also required to visit the American embassy in the country you live. But if you already have a visa then you can enjoy a holiday up to 6 months, but you are unable to work
  • Business trip. It may be 2 weeks or longer. Here it all depends on what you do, what qualifications and, of course, from the company you work for. If you are on a business trip, then the company usually covers all costs from flight to hotel and boarding fees. 

How to become permanent in the US 

  • Lottery green card known for years (click here). It gives you full citizenship of the American people and all civil rights. I know that the lottery takes place once a year but for those interested I would suggest to read more, contact the right people, I myself do not have much knowledge and never applied.
  • A trick known for years is marriage for citizenship. Let's not pretend we do not know what it is and it's strange to us. This is a very well-known phenomenon in America where a person with citizenship for a certain amount will help you to get, through marriage. Both are aware of this and know what is the purpose. But to do this is a long way before you and a whole series of procedures through which you have to pass and prove that it is a relationship of love. Americans know that a lot of people are entering into a marriage to stay in the USA, so after you get married you are questioned about everything, your families, personal questions about your spouse during the greencard process,  personal and wedding pictures etc. Do not think that you have an American, you will immediately be a citizen of America. You document everything. For more information, contact an immigration lawyer. Is that bad? I do not think so. Everyone is free to do what they want.
  • As I already wrote a working visa. There is a chance to stay in the US if the company will support your candidature and you will be sponsored then chances are big to stay. I myself am on a L2 visa, as my husband works for a US company, i get all the rigjts of a citizen so able to work and get driving license etc.
  • The last option is an illegal trip that I do not recommend anyone because it is a risk and life in hiding is not cool.

And how did you emigrate to America?

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