lipca 08, 2017

The Life in Florida

The life of an immigrant is certainly not easy. Especially for people who are alone or starting from scratch. Everybody speaks the American Dream, every one of us has dreams. The fact is that both America and England are the powers of the world and no one can match them. Arriving in Florida I did not know what to expect. I've looked at the Internet a little bit like what it looks like and 99% of the pictures show what you see in the pictures. Florida is beautiful.

Everything is just great, lots of greenery around, great shopping centers practically one circle around the other. Huge amount of restaurants, as Americans like to eat and it's in addiction to fast food. Life here seems to be paradise. Lots of beautiful branded cars and developed highways. Looking at it closer is not quite so colorful.
America is a land of freedom. Everyone is doing what they want, nobody cares for you. People are direct. Walking down the street you can hear that you have a nice dress or that you are pretty. They are already there. Like every country has its own culture and certainly different from Europe. What can I say about the Americans that they are very nice. Being from Poland i can say my country does not compare.

I remember when I was in England I was often asked if we Poles as we talk it is always arguing because we have such a high tone of conversation. So unfortunately we are received by other countries, sometimes as humble people, straight talking and rude. You can deny whether the Americans are false or not, but every one of us is. It is important that regardless of what day they are, whether they like work or not, they will never surrender their emotions to the customer, which in Poland is a daily phenomenon.

I can safely say that life is easier in both England and America. If you want to work, you will achieve something. You will be able to afford a lot of things in no time. You do not have to wait years to buy a nice car. All you have to do is get your credit and you have the car. Banks are quite accommodating for customers just to remember to repay the loan. Working in two people you can have a good life. Many things are certainly easier. In Poland, in order to have something to do, one has to work and not too much. In addition, the requirements are unimaginable, on each side of the difficulty. Even driving license. In Poland a total failure. I recently had mine and had about 5,000 questions to learn plus environmental driving. In Poland ithere is only a 45% pass rate.

For comparison in Florida there are about 100 questions and the examiners are not so strict. And we ourselves know that Americans are not the best drivers. I wonder why in Poland in every way so we have hindered life. How to get to each country you have to get used to. For someone who likes warmth this is a good place. Remember you must have a car. Without one there is no way. Everyone is moving cars. There are no buses, pedestrian walkways. Florida is like an island with little hangers on it. Everything is far away. Despite various turmoil it is in my opinion a good place to live, people are not nosy, all year long holiday and short shorts ...
Let everyone be in paradise 😙😃

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  1. Pierwszy raz jestem na blogu, ale będę częstym gościem. Powodzenia!


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