lipca 08, 2017

Flying to the USA to Tampa- my experience

You already have a visa for which you have been waiting and you are already on the plane. Get ready for the best 9 hours on the plane 😎.

Contrary to appearances, time flies faster than you would think. Depending on what line you are flying you have other facilities. I was flying British Airways. I can tell you that it is often better to buy a return ticket because it will cost less.
Returning to the flight every passenger has their own small TV with a large selection of movies, music. If you are cold nobody will forget you. There are blankets and headphones.

During the flight you are served with drinks such as juices, hot drinks and alcohol 😻 At lunch time there is a small snack in the form of a good chicken with potatoes, salad and a sweetening of dessert. A few hours before landing are sandwiches and drink again. 9 hours flight has already passed. Then the real emotions associated with the place and the next procedure begin. One more important information !!!

From stewardess you will get a immigration form. You enter your details, the address under which you are staying, or carry large amounts of cash, food and equipment worth millions ;-)). I landed in Tampa which is a nice fairly small airport and efficient . Remember there are two queues one is for residents second for visitors-)

Now just get ready for immigration:

  • Take a picture
  • Making finger prints
  • handing in immigration form
  • Short conversation (to whom did you come in to be with? how long are you going to stay? - if you come to work?, Simply answer i have come to be with my husband and be a homemaker). Americans dont want you taking thier jobs

After the conversation, you will get back the immigration from with a stamp you filled in on the plane and rpick up your luggage. After the reception you are only going in line for the others and there will be another "official" waiting for you to return the immigration form, and from now on you will take the tshuttle ttrain to the main terminal
Believe me it is not as terrible as it may seem. Everything goes well everyone is nice. Most importantly, just to pick us up.

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