kwietnia 11, 2017

Islands of Adventure in Orlando

Continuation of my birthday. Our ticket included two parks. We chose Uniwersals Studio as you know and on the second day Islands of Adventure. The ticket was valid for seven days ie we could return to our second Park in six days. 

My impressions of the Islands of Adventur would seem obvious as I was already in another park and know what to expect. Well, no. Every place surprises you with something else. In my opinion the second park was certainly nicer, had better attractions and seemed to me bigger.

Are you wondering if one day you will be enough? Definitely yes if you are out of the holiday season. We even had a couple of times on certain rides. Our favorite is the water slide mega experience I recommend to all so that you will be a little wet so bring raincoats. And of course Harry Potter. He was a mega attraction even better than the Uniwersals Studio because the queues were around 60 minutes. Like the previous Park has small islands with other attractions. Here are their 7 islands. Let's start with the first one:

     1. Marvel Super Hero Island

  • Spider Man is a ride on a small car that takes you to the world of Spider Man in 3D, you feel like you were there, they fall down, they were attacked by the characters you see in front of you, I recommend cool impressions
  • The incredible Hulk Coaster I immediately admit that I was not brave enough, it is the biggest challenge and the most frightening ride. fast speed, height and weight of the spiral and occasionally upside-down

     2.  Toon Lagoon 
  • Popeyes and bluto bilge rats barges slide on the water, you have to go, you will be delighted and wet
  • Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls is also fun on the water but already for the more adventurous as it's a very steep slide as for me I went twice😊

    3.  Skull Island: Reign of Kong  is a jungle tour in 3D where you'll see fighting King Kong and the heroes of the movie.

     4.  Jurassic Park 
  • Pteranodon Flyers you are flying up, you are on a one-person swing with wings where you have a view from the top of the park, is not so high, rather everyone will dare to fly

  • Jurassic Park River Adventure  slides from a high angle on the water. Beyond Harry Potter the best attraction. I was on twice😜

      5.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a walk in the castle and later you ride in four-passenger cars in the 4D world sometimes upside down and at high speed. Revelation, as I have already mentioned I went twice.

  • Flight of the Hippogriff  is a mini-train for less brave. I liked 😛😛😛
  • Dragon Challenge the same as The incredible Hulk Coaster is the most frightening queue, with high altitude, speed and upside down. Definitely not for me🙈
       6. The lost Continent 
  • The Eight Voyage of Sinbad a guided walk through the pyramid with various effects. It was ok. Seuss Landing

      7. Seuss Landing 
  • The high in the sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride ride around the Seusss world. It is not a terrible queue even more for children and people who are afraid of curses or me😌
Just like when discussing Uniwersals Park are the same rules and I gave you the greatest attraction. In the Islands of Adventure you will find restaurants, cool ancient buildings, children's games, fountains, movie shows, souvenir shops, etc

I also recommend watching youtube videos of Universal parks, because it is hard to give a real picture of how it looks. I hope I helped a little. Have fun on the Islands of Adventure. Remember to download the App, it gives you quueing times for each ride, which helps you plan your day and head to the smaller queues. 

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